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Engagement Shoot at Bryngarw House & Ogmore By Sea and the Wedding Day photography of Tara &

Last year, I had the pleasure to be the wedding photographer for Tara & Sion at the amazing venue King Arthur Hotel, in Swansea, South Wales but before taking these memorable pictures of their wedding day I was lucky enough to also be the one to photograph their engagement shoot at the garden of the beautiful venue Bryngarw House and at the stunning beach Ogmore by Sea

The day of the engament shoot was wonderful, warm with a beatiful blue sky, perfect for the two and half hours we spent taking a lot of pictures that captured every special moment.

When the wedding day arrived, it was quite windy but lukely there wasn't any sign of rain, the bride was extremely nervous and anxious but eventually after advice of friends and family and a lovely glass of wine, she began to feel more relaxed and when her hair and make up was finally done she started to also feel more confident which only increased the opurtunity for us to take even more photos of higher quality.

The groom on the other hand, was much more relaxed from the beginning as he got ready with his best man.

The environment was pretty much relaxing and very romantic as everyone seemed to be enjoying every moment of it.

These were both very successful days for all of us as the final result was absolutely fantastic and it really couldn't have gone any better!

These places are beautiful and really did help us to get some amazing pictures which they will treasure forever. But don't take my word for it, instead have a look for yourself.

If you’re planning a South Wales wedding, or a wedding anywhere on the planet, and you love this style of wedding photography then please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you!

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