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Why Wedding Photographers are expensive and a Before and After from Nando Passos Photographer ~ Npas

Almost everyone knows that wedding Photography is a difficult Job, not just because of the skills we have to acquire in photography but the stress we have to deal in the day! Yep, I said stress because wedding photography is not just like any other type of photography, I have previously done fashion photography, macro Photography, commercial photography and none of them are nothing like wedding photography.

I'm going to give you some examples of what I am talking about, see in any other type of photography, I mentioned above we have time to think, to prepare, to do over etc, in wedding photography that simply doesn't happen. We require a lot of experience, because everything is happening at the moment, we can't afford to not photograph the ceremony, or miss the first dance just because something went wrong.

But that's not why I'm here , I want to tell you that wedding photography is not just the wedding day, after your especial day, you want to receive amazing photographs, so for that we have to go through of around 1200 photos (dependent of time of the wedding day), delete what doesn't look so good (ex: closed eyes, awkward face expressions and etc), then comes the slowest process, the editing, I love editing but after editing around 800 photos ( dependent of time of the wedding day) 2 weeks have past, and it's just for the editing part!

Photoshop, light room, Cameras, lens, speed lights, strobes, assistant, USB's, Albums, Prints, Taxes, insurance, transportation, Computer, time, etc this things are expensive!

If you want a wedding Photographer make sure you're paying for someone who knows what they're doing, if you don't want to pay a reasonable price, don't have one at all, put someone taking photos for you with a cheap camera and the results are probably the same of someone who doesn't have the skills and good material.

I want to show you an example of what I'm referring to, so when you are looking for a wedding photographer think about this, normally you pay what you get:

I hope this article is of some elucidate form and bring help in any way!

Thanks for reading

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