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A guide for brides to prepare their wedding day!

Well, being a wedding photographer myself, I have been in a lot of weddings (Good Sign :) ), and every one is different from others, even the weddings with the same style, theme; each one as their own personality, that's what I love to tell in my photographs.

Some brides ask me for some advise, witch I love to help when I can, like, when's the best time to book things, or timings for the big day even if I know any good videographers, make up artists, etc.

To help my future brides (and others), I decided to do a wedding Planner template for that. I'm writing this blog, and attaching two photographs that you can save if you think that can help you!

If your wedding is in Bridgend, Cardiff, South Wales or anyplace in the world, and you are looking for a wedding Photographer devoted to capturing your genuine story, I hope that you will consider me.

I do love nothing more to photograph your especial day!

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