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Wedding Photography of Nicola & Mark at Caer Llan ~ Monmouth

Hi there! I am back to tell you all about the wedding of Nicola and Mark!

This wedding was truly remarkable, love was definitely in the air!

Nicola and Mark decided that their especial day was to be in the beautiful venue Caer Llan; Caer Llan was Established in 1969, is a family run country house venue set amongst the fabulous open countryside overlooking the Vale of Usk.

This is definitely going to be one of Nicola's and Mark's most important days of their lives. And it all started at the fantastic rooms that Caer Llan has to offer, that help us to did fantastic photos of Nicola's preparation but also of Mark's too!

The time for the ceremony went by pretty quickly and Nicola couldn't have been looking more stunning! The room of the ceremony looked lovely, with a clean appearance! Everything went very well and in a flash they were pronounced husband and wife! Afterwards, we went outside to the stunning greens to take the group shots and some more amazing photos of Nicola and Mark, enjoying every bit of it!

After they had some food and some time to relax and they also did the speeches, which were very touching and managed to bring some laughs, and tears too!

The night came and because we were in a place with such amazing spots for great photos, we went outside once again and we took some more photographs of Nicola and Mark :)

When it was 8'clock pm, they cut the cake and straight after they had the first dance, we obviously recorded those incredible moments as well, along with a few more photos of the guests dancing and having lots of fun!

What can we say, the day went super well, we loved being part of such an important day for Nicola and Mark, that's why we love being wedding Photographers, we can testify such happiness and love!

They say that the wedding day goes too fast, it's true! Even for us Photographers, that's what happens when you really enjoy what you do!

Thank you again Nicola and Mark for choosing us as your wedding photographers and for trusting us with such an important task!

If your wedding is in South Wales, or anywhere in this Planet, and you are looking for a wedding Photographer devoted to capturing your genuine story, we hope that you will consider us. We would love nothing more than to photograph your wedding day!

Here are some photos from Nicola and Mark amazing wedding x

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