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Wedding Photography at Glen Yr Afron Heather & Craig --- The Preview

As a wedding photographer, shooting in a new venue always becomes a challenge, especially if one presents many creative opportunities such as Glen Yr Afron.

It's essential to do our preparation well before the day. Planning the photos, timing them and consulting them with the wedding planner, predicting the light, preparing contingency locations if the weather isn't favourable for the wedding photos... The list for wedding photography is endless.

Talking to the bride and groom is where we start. We always strive to learn as much as we can about them to personalise their wedding day captured in a set of images we deliver.

We never approach the wedding photos the same every time. All couples are different, venues are different and as a wedding photographers we must create the prefect wedding photos.

Wedding photography presents challenges of working under high pressure and at a high pace where perfect photos opportunities pass in a blink of an eye. NPassos Photography always strives their best not to miss a moment.

Last weekend, we had the pleasure of capturing Heather's and Craig's special day. It's always very rewarding when bride and groom love photograph as much as we do.

We're blessed with a perfect weather, with an amazing Glen Yr Afron picturesque grounds, and the couple who was fully committed and trusted NPassos Photography to deliver their unforgettable wedding photos.

The day went far too quickly! From Heather's preparation, through the wedding ceremony; first dance and ending with a night wedding photoshoot, we worked hard as a team to deliver an amazing set of photos.

The bridesmaids; best man; ushers, family and friends all contributed to this beautiful wedding day.

So, if you're looking for your wedding photographer to capture your special day, please have a look at our website and contact us to discuss your wedding plans.

Thank you so much for your amazing hospitality, you guys made us feel like part of the family! We wish you all the happiness on this new chapter of your lives together.

Congratulations from Nando and Suzy.

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