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Wedding at Bryngarw House, Bridgend Becca & Dale --- The Preview

Once again we shot an amazing wedding at the location of Bryngarw House Hotel in Bridgend for the newly married couple Rebecca and Dale. This venue looks like a chapter of a fairy tale story due to its elegant characteristics. There are many things to discover at the Bringarw House wedding venue. Unfortunately the weather did not allow us to shoot outside until around lunch time, however the inside is just as beautiful as the outside.

At the start of the day Rebecca and Dale were getting ready for their magical moment along with their bridesmaids and ushers. They were very funny and relaxed and it was a pleasure to be around them. Becca had a beautiful white satin dress along with a sunflower bouquet that stood out for its vividness.

The room where the bride and bridesmaids were getting ready had a stone wall with a carved mirror that was a great spot to shoot the bride in the wedding dress along with the bridesmaids.

Before entering the ceremony room, the staircase was a great opportunity for father and daughter shots whilst they came down the stairs.

Once it was time for the bride and groom to meet again to become officially married, the atmosphere was set for perfect photos at the wedding venue. The moment was truly magical for Rebecca and Dale and the photos show a clear representation of the wedding day for them to forever look back on and remember.

It was time for the group shots with family and friends around the scenic wedding venue which was a joy to photograph. We used the drone for everyone to fit in one photo and get Bryngarw House Hotel in it too, which came out amazing, as not only family and friends were in one photo but the entire venue.

In the wedding reception room where the bride and groom entered while cheered, heart warming speeches from loved ones were a pleasure to photograph in the moment, followed after by another photoshoot on the staircase with only the bride and groom. The bar room was a great opportunity to shoot on the top of the bar counter and on a vintage armchair, which created amazing photos of Rebecca and Dale's love and passion toward each other.

When it came to the cake cutting photos and it was clear that Dale was a bit of a Harry Potter fan. The cake was unique and amazing to shoot as this memory would be eaten away with content. Once the cake was cut and eaten it was time for the bride and groom to share a special moment on the dance floor. These wedding photos were beautiful to shoot as we had witnessed and experienced an amazing moment shared by the two now married couple.

Being a wedding photographer in Bridgend meant that this wedding venue was very convenient as it is close to where NPassos Weddings is based. The wedding venue brought many incredible scenic photos due to its beautiful nature features, but unfortunately we could not shoot at the tree bridge as it was too muddy because of the weather. But towards the evening the rain worked in our favour as we managed to get amazing night shots. It was a pleasure being apart of Rebecca and Dale's special day.

Thank you guys for amazing hospitality, you made us feel like part of the family! Here's a preview of your day, hope you like your wedding photos as much as we do!!

If you're looking for a wedding photographer in Bridgend, Cardiff or surrounding areas, please don't hesitate in contacting NPassos Weddings, we would love to be part of your special day.

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