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Am I a Bridezilla?

Isn't it crazy how you plan 2 years ahead for one day?! ''Does this make me a bridezilla?''- you may be questioning yourself. Well, the answer to that is - of course ! What we vision as a wedding day, is something special to remember, so why not go full bridezilla mode !

From colourful flowers to a perfect venue, it takes a lot of time to find the things for your wedding day, that falls in place with the mood and atmosphere, and of course as wedding photographers we'd love to capture that.

At the start of your wedding day you wake up excited but also anticipating that nothing goes wrong. But, what's a good day without its flaws? You may also be hoping that everything is perfect, for example: the wedding photographer shows up (of course), your to be wedded husband doesn't run away (you'd be surprised how much this actually happens) and hoping you don't trip whilst walking down the aisle. These are all worries that most brides have, but of course it won't happen and your perfect day you planned 2 years for will turn out just fine.

Getting ready for your marriage has to be the exciting part, as you turn into a princess that your 5 year old self dreamed of once upon a time. We, as wedding photographers love to capture moments like these, along with others throughout the day. Once you and your

bridesmaids are looking flawless, it is time to officially become one with the one you love dearly. This is the emotional bit, but you can't cry or you'll ruin your mascara! During this time you will find yourself under a lot of pressure, as you want everything to turn out how you imagined.

When walking down the aisle with your father, you expect your husband to be standing at the front, waiting for your hand in marriage with a big fat smile from cheek to cheek. To

this moment, it sends chills down our spines, as it is a magical moment to capture. After the vows have been exchanged and the tears have dried from peoples eyes, it is time for everyone to cheer you and your now husband on. Moments like these, are what makes all this planning worth it, as you will remember this for a lifetime.

The day of marriage is almost like a party day with loved family and friends, so pop that bottle of champagne! You expect nothing bad to happen but, as I mentioned earlier, what's a good day without its flaws? You may find yourself in a situation where your father might be trying to kiss your husband and this is when you ask yourself, is this my wedding day or theirs? As the night continues, it is time for everyone to hit the dance floor and get their groove on, and do things they will not remember the next day once posted on social media. After that situation, it is time for the moment everyone has been waiting for, the father and daughter dance. This dance floods memories in from your younger self, up until this very moment that your father has been waiting for. Of course you also have your special dance with your new husband, where you'll be in the arms of someone you wish to spend an eternity with.

When the day is nearly over you will find yourself delighted with how everything went, because of course everything went to plan (or so we hope), from speeches telling you how amazing you are, to the photos taken throughout the day.

In the end, everything you hoped for turned out perfectly fine, and your inner bridezilla can be now put to bed. You will have a whole day to remember for the rest of your life full of questionable moments and special ones too. Either way, this new experience was full of joy and happiness (the alcohol had a contribution to this, but let's not mention that ;) ).

Are identifying yourself with the above? Please feel free to leave a comment! We'd love to know how you feel!

If you would like NPassos Weddings to be part of your wedding day don't hesitate to contact us and visit our website with all package prices and information included.

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