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Wedding at Court Colman Manor - Ria and Lewis, The Preview

Last Sunday NPassos Wedding Photography had a privilege to capture Ria and Lewis's wedding day at Court Colman Manor, Bridgend. This stunning wedding venue is, located just 22 miles from Cardiff.

The bride's wedding preparation took place in a charming cottage on the grounds of the Court Colman Manor. A charming maze with endless rooms added to the excitement of this magical day.

Even the rain didn't take that magic away.

With the bride, bridesmaids and the flower girls looking all ready for the big moment of the day, the tears of emotions started to show and as a wedding photographer it is a very touching experience when you witness and capture those unforgettable moments.

Years of Ria and Lewise's impeccable wedding planning was visible in every detail of their wedding day. They created a day filled with fun, laughter and tears of joy, surrounded by the closest to them - their wonderful friends and family.

Although we were forced initially to use the interiors of the venue for the group shots due to the persistent rain, the luck was on our site that day, as the later afternoon brightened up.

This opened many photo opportunities as the late afternoon sun was falling perfectly and for a wedding photographer having stunning bride and groom, amazing venue and a great light is a perfect combination.

Being a team of two photographers gives us a chance to focus our attention to those small details, capture the same pose from a completely different angle and create a new meaning to the images. This opens window for endless creative photo opportunities.

We loved being a part of your truly amazing day. We wish you a very happily ever after.

Here is the preview of your photos. We hope you love them as much we do.

Leave a comment bellow and let them know how happy you are!

If you are looking for a wedding photographer, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are available to cover your special day wherever you are. For us only the sky's the limit!

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